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ROOF TOP OF THE WORLD, LAND OF SNOWS, SHANGRILA, MYSTERIOUS BUDDHIST KINGDOM, FORBIDDEN CITY etc.. are the popular names for Tibet for centuries. It is hidden behind the enormous Himalaya massif. Tibet is a magical realm of clear blue skies, bright with pure colour, rising more than two miles above sea level. The wide-open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau are drenched in the dazzling light of altitude and topped by the towering peaks of the Himalaya. South of this vast Tibetan plateau is an extensive area of mountainous grazing land inhabited by wild looking nomads, living in yak hair tents, their livelihood dependent on their valuable herds of sheep, goats and yaks. Tibet can be approached overland or by air.

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    Mount Kailash

    15-17 Days
    Mount Kailash (6714 m) is a holy and sacred peak amongst different religions (Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism). With the recent road development taking place, visits can be done in 10 days

    Tibet overland tour

    7-10 Days
    Visit to understand Buddhist culture and history of religious Kings like Srongtsen Gompo, who over power over various tribes and conquered many neighboring lands. After he invited Buddhism to Tibet.

    Tibet Short Tour

    7 DAYS
    Tibet is the place where Guru Rinboche, Lotus born, Padma Sambhava, Milarepa, Tsong Khapa, Atisha Dipankara Mahayan Bajrayana Acharya Scholars contributed to influence the local natives.
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