Preserving Natural Beauty

You can visit a country in many ways, all are worth, but there are travelers who conform to remember the places, people and wish the  goal to be remembered by the locals too. This  way, the NTP community  did a program such as, last year during our visit to Nepal, we co-operated in maintaining  the Bharabari school, a village in the Annapurna Conservation Area.

There we were working closely with local children and adults, all working together for a common goal, the maintenance and up keep of school in the village. On the other side is an area hit by the depopulation caused by the mass exodus to the city.
We are already missing them just after few days ago we went will be always in our hearts!!!
Of course apart from this wonderful experience not we take advantage of responsible and conscious amazing tourism resources of this wonderful country, a day of rafting on the Trishuli River, a photographic safari in the reserve of Chitwan and of course a part of one of the Great Himalayan Trail treks, in this case the Langtang trek and ascent to Tsergo Ri included.
Definitely in September 2014 NTP will return to Nepal!


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