The Hunpung village is located in a very remote part of Lohar VDC of Chitwan District, a 7-8 hour walk from the nearest road link in Bhandara (Mahendra Highway). Hunpung, Ghaletar, and Nayabari have 156people compromising of the marginalized and disadvantaged Tamangs,Chepangsfrom 20 household families.
In cordination with Shanti Griha Nepal's Project: 
The village does not have any eductional institutions. Childrens of the villages have walk about one and half hour to reach the nearest school called Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School, Yeuralitar. Specially pre school children are mostly effected by the distance to the school and parents feel unsafe for their children so normally parents do not send their children till the age of 5 / 6.
After long reasearch and study, Shanti Griha planned to implement and set up a project "Child Care Center" equiped with all required materialfor the children of age 1-6. The main target of the project is to provide play group and primary education to the childrens from the villages who are unable to go to the school walking hours.
For the purpose, Shanti Griha will implement a project "Construction of a Child Care Center" in Hunpung village, starts from March 2014 and complets in November 2014. A two room PCC building (stone massonary with mud mortar) with concrete rooftop and a stone masonary toilet will be constructed. Beside construction, two women from the village will be sent for the child care training. All the required material for the purpose will be provided.  
Draft plan:
It will be Shanti Griha's pleasure to receive respected volunteers from ..... in Hunpung village, where many people have never got the opportunity to face people from another country. Their presence will definitely bring positive impact in the living of the community. 
It will be great to coordinate with the volunteers during their stay in the village in some sectors as stated below.

1.       Support on building construction

2.       Support on health and sanitation awarness

3.       Support on better child care method

4.       Support on environmetal awareness activities

5.       Support on School Environment Improvement Activities

6.       Support on Farming


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