Donation Project

Our main goal is to establish trekking arrangements in different regions of Nepal.
When trekking in remote areas, it is rare to see vegetables growing, except in low land areas unless for personal use. As more and more trekkers find themselves in the mountain area, it is worth supporting the local people to grow different kinds of vegetables. It is a great opportunity to include in their meals and for the lodge menu which will definately be a great support in their income.
Visiters are definitely going to enjoy this and pay for healthy green meals.
In order to resolve this issue, we distributed many varieties of seeds to the different remote areas. Although it is not a large-scale project, it has definitely made a positive impact on both locals and tourists. The seeds are distributed to different villages of the Tsum and Manaslu region over a 2000 meter altitude (Lokpa, Chumling, Chokangparo, Nile, Jagat) which takes days of walking to reach Kathmandu, the capital city. When the seeds arrive, the villagers are excited to obtain them. It is heart-touching to see many of the children translate the instructions at the back of the seed packets to their illiterate parents. 
During the year of 2014, we received packets of vegetable seeds from “Yates”, which is an Australian Company [] who supported us. Also Mr. Christian and Brigitte Pocard from France made donations which were distributed in the Tsum valley area which is north of Kathmandu.
During the year of 2016, again, many packets of seeds were distributed by Mr. Christian Pocard's group during their trek to the Tsum valley and Manaslu area. 

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