Project 01

As you all may know, on the 25th of April a sudden earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred, followed by dozens of aftershocks. Probably the worst natural disaster we’ve ever experienced, the tremor claimed more than 8000 lives whilst leaving many more injured, many houses destroyed. In these difficult times we are forced to rely on each other for food, aid and distribution. We first provided tents, mattresses, tarpaulins and plastics alongside foods to the needy. More can be seen by accessing our Facebook page at We have received promising support and collected funds to redistribute to those most affected by the ‘quake. Everyone is affected, and it is often misconceived why money is the best way to help recover. It is very flexible and can purchase the best available local material to rebuild homes and whatever else is necessary. This also saves money on transportation of relief material. A single pound in Nepal can buy far more than in the UK. Thank you for your support in these hard times.
            To escape economic downturn, we request all those around the world who love Nepal to visit our country. It is often argued that foreign direct investment is considered more useful than aid, especially in the long term. Each and every Nepalese citizen looks forward to serving you to the best of their abilities. We need income to recover and rebuild. Although a large proportion of tourism jobs are held by those in earthquake-affected areas, this is relatively safe as trekking can be done in a camping basis and also with residence in lodges at the Western region where not affected.
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