The Himalayas consist of a huge mountain range stretching 3000km. East to west and the Nepal Himalaya is the largest and highest, occupying nearly a third or 800km across. With eight of the worlds ten highest mountain in Nepal: Mt Everest (Sagarmatha), Kanchanjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyo, Dhaulagari, Manaslu and Annapurna I, all together 326 peaks have been opened for climbing since 1949. The main Himalayas have a series of lofty peaks and ridges separated by deep gorges, glaciers, and beautiful deep valleys. The Nepal Himalaya throughout the ages has been the center of attraction to the world for either mountaineers, pilgrims, philosophers, researchers and adventurers.

Much of Nepals land above 5000m is under snow and ice, although the permanent snow line varies according to the aspect and gradient. Winter snowfall occurs from an elevation of 2000 meter.

Each of these mountain peaks can be climb with the authorization of the Nepal government with assistance from Nepali climbers and in certain higher areas with the support of a government liaison officer.

We operate tailor-made mountaineering expeditions as required to major peaks in Nepal and the Tibet Himalaya. We provide budget, medium and full service expedition depending on your requirements.

Most popular mountains and peaks for climbing.

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